Access Control

Secure Remote Access Technology

Keys, keycards, keyfobs, card readers and even keypads can be a thing of the past with access control systems by Bright Edge Solutions. We use the Sangoma SmartOffice™ platform to offer a convenient wireless access control solution for organizations in all sorts of industries.

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How it Works

In contrast to far more complicated systems, SmartOffice keeps it simple. The cloud-based security solution operates via a smartphone app, through which designated employees can remotely control any doors with the system installed. No carrying around cumbersome equipment, no need for anyone to physically unlock the door – just a few quick seconds on a properly enabled phone is all it takes. And it can work within your existing network, wiring and staff credentialing infrastructure, so setup is a snap.

The Installation Proces

Bright Edge Solutions can take care of getting your new remote access system up and running in just a few easy steps. We’ll install wireless locks, door sensors and some other basic hardware, set up all the relevant software, train your team on use of the app, and be all done in a matter of hours. Because SmartOffice auto-generates onboarding emails and sends them to the people you designate along with easy-to-follow instructions, getting your employees ready to use the app is no more difficult than getting it installed.

Benefits of Remote Access Control

The SmartOffice technology is customizable, so we can tailor it to the specific safety needs of your organization. It’s user-friendly, so you can be sure it will operate properly within the infrastructure you have now. It’s entirely contactless, which is a plus for both simplicity and safety. And it can be used in conjunction with your existing tech to offer even greater security – a smartphone with a biometric ID lock is more secure than a keycard, should it be lost or stolen.

Make a positive difference for the security and simplicity of your workplace today by getting remote access technology from Bright Edge Solutions. Reach out to us today to get started.

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