Professional Structured Cabling Services

Having the right cabling installed for your voice and data systems can make a huge difference for your organization, no matter what industry you’re in, by making a huge positive impact on speed and responsiveness. When you work with Bright Edge Solutions for your data cabling needs, you can count on a comprehensive process, a high level of technical sophistication and a level of attention to detail that borders on obsessive.

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Cabling Installation

A significant percentage, usually cited as about 80%, of corporate IT problems are caused by cabling that has not been adequately designed or properly installed. Data loss, slow data transmission, server errors, dropped calls, wi-fi dead zones – more often than not, it all comes back to cabling. That’s why we focus on performance as well as capabilities.


Benefits of Structured Cabling

Not only can a well-planned and expertly installed cabling system streamline your organization’s communications, it also makes it possible to ensure your team is available to your clients by keeping your data running effectively. At Bright Edge Solutions, we can set up your business to support smart technology, connecting systems including:

  • Phone lines and voicemail
  • Security systems and CCTV cameras
  • Internet cables
  • Server networks
  • Audiovisual systems

Our Cabling Capabilities

The vast experience and knowledge base of our team at Bright Edge Solutions allows us to work with organizations large and small on projects of widely varied scopes. Whether you need infrastructure for a new build or need to incorporate it into your existing office space, we can make it happen. The cabling services we offer include:

  • Access control
  • Audiovisual systems
  • Building automation
  • Building riser and distribution systems
  • Cable testing, labeling, termination, documentation and certification
  • Distributed antenna systems
  • Fiber splicing and testing
  • Installation of fiber, copper or wireless cable
  • Intercoms and public address systems
  • Low-voltage cabling
  • Moves, adds and changes
  • Passive optical networking
  • Restacks


Our Design & Installation Process

At Bright Edge Solutions, we understand deeply the importance of proper cabling, and have a dedicated process in place to ensure your system meets your needs and makes the most of your resources:

  • We work closely with you to learn your priorities, determining your budget, the network speed that best suits your organization, your plans for growth and how long you intend to stay in your current space.
  • We perform an in-depth review of your office space to figure out how much space you have for the necessary equipment.
  • We reach out to manufacturers to get the right equipment for your organization and to get the warranties you need for peace of mind.
  • We collaborate with your in-house IT team and find out what we need to do to make sure everything integrates seamlessly.
  • We undertake your certified installation, using our knowledge of your operational needs to avoid any interruption to your day-to-day business.

Ready to get started on your new cabling package? Reach out to Bright Edge Solutions for more information, or request a demo to find out more about what our platform has to offer.

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