Reliable Commercial Surveillance Solutions

At BrightEdge, we understand well the challenges posed by security concerns. Every minute you spend worrying about the safety of your employees and information is a minute you’re not focusing on the day-to-day operations of your organization. That’s why we offer advanced, full-service surveillance options to ensure the security of your business.

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Capabilities of Our Surveillance Solutions

We utilize technology designed to improve security by offering the best possible information, and can install either a single standalone system or a network of systems that are controlled centrally. Our surveillance systems are also scalable, making it easy to grow them along with your company as needed. Our security capabilities include:

  • Access control systems for card readers, biometric readers, visitor kiosks, wireless locks and more
  • Intrusion detection with automatic alerts
  • Facial and skin temperature measurement
  • HD-quality imagery
  • High-performance image processing
  • Real-time streaming video
  • Thermal and active imaging


Our Surveillance Technology

With a line-up of security technology that easily integrates across any existing infrastructure you may already have, such as door readers and surveillance cameras, Bright Edge Solutions gives you the ability to be proactive in preventing security breaches and other disruptions. Work with us to gain access to such surveillance technology as:

  • Video management systems
  • Security workstations
  • Analog and IP security cameras
  • Remote intercoms
  • Visualization software
  • Firewall technology
  • Power backup units

The Quality of Service We Bring to Every Surveillance Job

Bright Edge Solutions has the equipment and the know-how to prepare your organization for threats both physical and virtual, and our experience allows us to design surveillance systems that meet your individual needs. Whether you need an entirely new system, an upgrade to an outdated system or just some TLC for your existing system, we can get it in place with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. And we can handle all the training for your staff to ensure it all operates properly.

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