4 Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Outsourced IT Support

Be it at home or at work – we’ve all experienced the “blue screen of death” at some point in our lives. Having reliable information technology (IT) support is a necessity for small businesses. With new innovations like virtual staff meetings, the evolving need to store private information, and updating your website at a moment’s notice, technology provides infinite possibilities when utilized correctly.

So, how can a small business be at the forefront of IT best practices without being weighed down with consistent monitoring and data backups?

The answer isn’t all that complex: partner with a dedicated outsourced IT company. With so many options out there, it’s essential to make sure you hire the right fit for your small business. The thing is, small business IT support comes in all shapes and sizes. Bright Edge Solutions is here to provide you the highest level of responsiveness and IT solutions that honor business.

Managed IT Support Is Essential For Small Businesses

As a leader in your small business, you’re all too familiar with the blood, sweat, and tears that go into operating a company. By fully outsourcing your IT needs, you have a reliable ally to save you from unneccesary headaches. From basic security monitoring to email server setup and data backup and recovery services, think of it as a safety net for all things technology-related. Without managed IT, you could lose decades’ worth of data, be at risk for security breaches, or worse – have information hacked and held at ransom.

4 Benefits Of Using Managed IT Services

Managed IT plans simplify IT because we do all the heavy lifting. No more worrying about security breaches or noncompliance hiccups. 24/7 monitoring, support, firewall protection, we do it all. As a small business ourselves, we understand the value of having experienced IT support readily available. Outsourcing your IT services to a fellow small business means you’re protecting your assets with people who understand what’s at stake – and that’s priceless.

On-Demand IT Support

A lapse in reliable tech support can have costly consequences. One of the primary benefits of hiring an outsourced IT company is the dedicated support that comes with it. Our fully managed IT services include unlimited remote and on-site support for all things tech. Need help with integrating a new platform with an existing system? Email server down? Maybe you need Google Workspace (G Suite) recovery? Having on-demand IT support takes the stress out of these kinds of things. We’re trained to look at the bigger picture and solve everyday technical problems that can bog down your business otherwise.

Dependable Protection From Security Breaches

It seems like every other day there’s a new business making headlines due to a recent data breach by unknown hackers. If you don’t have the proper protection set up, your company may be at risk for a serious hack. Personal customer information, private company data, banking information, confidential emails – it’s all fair game in the eyes of hackers. Your outsourced IT support should include various services like 24/7 network monitoring, managed firewalls, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) to name a few.

Different industries have different standards to protect their private information. Learn more about our managed IT plans designed for small to midsize businesses.

Expert Backup & Disaster Recovery

If you don’t have information backed up properly, it’s only a matter of time before it’s lost forever. This is where backup and disaster recovery (BDR) come in. The best way to ensure your data is backed up is to use professional IT management. No matter if you’re a small or midsize business you need rock solid BDR, which is something you should be asking about when hiring an outsourced IT company.

The best thing you can do to protect your data is to plan ahead – and prepare for the worst.
Remember when a server crash would put your business out of commission for days on end? Not any more! Bright Edge Solutions’ BDR platform allows us to spin up a virtualized version of your server on-site or in the cloud in minutes so you can get back to work.

Disaster recovery is no joke. It’s our job to proactively protect your network at all costs. We use a suite of software and IT services to nip potential problems in the bud before they bring down your entire network.

Sustainable Technology Empowers Business Growth

Having reliable, outsourced IT support means you have a much clearer picture of how your current technology impacts business operations. Think of us as your guide. We make sure your IT setup honors your budget and is getting you the most value. Our team is trained to maintain the integrity of hardware performance and keep things running smoothly. We get to know your business, your goals, and what tools work best with your aspirations. Choosing professional IT management means there’s always someone looking out for you and can steer your technological investments in the right direction. Better yet, when technology makes daily operations more efficient, you can confidently scale for growth – and profit.

When In Doubt, Outsource Your Small Business IT Support

Technology is a precious thing, no matter how easy Gen Z makes it look. Choosing to outsource your IT support provides a responsive team of IT professionals ready to optimize your current and future IT setup. We know your business and how things should function. With 24/7 support and several managed IT plans to choose from, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a dedicated IT partner in your corner. Don’t take the risk of being hacked and losing everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Unsure about which IT company is right for your small business? Bright Edge Solutions can help you assess the best next steps to protect your data, employees, and longevity. Contact our Columbus, OH office today to get started.

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