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Outsourced IT Solutions For Small to Medium Sized Businesses; Better Than In-House

Bright Edge Solutions has been around the block a few times. We understand the needs of small to midsize businesses, which is why we offer a whole catalog of outsourced IT services. If you need IT, we got IT. Take a look around!

Tired of fielding IT questions in-house? Don’t have the answers to all the company’s technical problems? Send them to us! Our User Helpdesk is a seamless communication line between your team and ours. Bright Edge also uses remote assistance technology so we can quickly, securely and easily manage your internal computers, networks and other devices from our offices. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, we can get in there and fix things up, while you get on with your life…um…business!

Get enterprise firewall protection for small business prices. We’ll be the first to say that forensic technology investigation isn’t our forte, but we do a mighty fine job of mitigating threats from ransomware, malware, viruses and other security breaches. Should a virus find its way through, our next-gen endpoint detection and response (EDR) application stops it in its tracks before it can do any damage.

When the worst occurs, it’s good to have the best strategy in place. Bright Edge Solutions plans ahead so, even in the worst case scenario, we can maximize data recovery from backups. Our total data protection platform is designed to get you up and running in minutes, rather than days, in the event of a data disaster. Rest easy at night knowing that our backups have your back – even if disaster strikes.

The world doesn’t stop when the workday ends, which is exactly why we offer 24/7 network monitoring. Our team is immediately alerted whenever a critical error occurs. Because of this constant monitoring and powerful automation, we can tackle the problem immediately and mitigate the chances of an outage. We get “it” done before you even know “it” happened.

Long story short, we make it so each of your computers, mobile devices and technologies can communicate with each other. Bright Edge ensures you’re integrated, connected and ready to roll by offering the following LAN, WLAN, VPN network services:

  • Support, Design & Implementation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Security & Management

Our IT Audit Services and Reports are designed to identify all areas of technical and security risk. We trudge through your current infrastructure, network systems and applications in search of potential pitfalls and risks. We evaluate these risks in order of greatest importance and urgency then consult with you on the best ways to combat these issues and develop a proactive, compliant IT plan for the future.

Bringing a new device on board? Whether it be a PC, laptop, tablet, server, Macbook or Tamagotchi, we offer full support and training, configuration, disaster recover planning, administration consulting, management training and more. We purchase the right devices based on your business needs and pre-configure them prior to deploying them on-site to minimize disruption to your staff.

If you’ve got a phone system that needs to be set up in your office or across multiple locations, you’ve come to the right place. We integrate your office phone systems and manage the network so your communication lines remain open and clear. Have smartphones that also need some integrating into your system? Not a problem! We make sure all of your devices are connected. We also offer smartphone support/training and vendor/carrier relationship management.

In the digital age, it seems like clear communication has become a lost art – but Bright Edge Solutions is here to bring it back and put your best voice forward! Our comprehensive communication networks are second to none and ensure the seamless transfer of data, free of drops, cracks and crippling outages.

Star2Star’s scalable, cloud-based, unified communication services deliver the world’s most complete Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to meet your business’ communications needs – no matter if you’re a small business with 10 users or 100.

Looking to reduce costs, mitigate security risk and improve the compliance of your operation? IT Asset Management is the right service for you. Our team tracks, evaluates and optimizes the usage of your entire inventory of assets, including software, hardware, workstations, networks – pretty much anything technical that can be found in your business environment. We make sure you don’t make unnecessary purchases, but we also make sure you know of any relevant technology that could make your life better.

Sure, there are plenty of routes to take when it comes to managing your business’ IT. But are you taking the best course of action in a way that honors budget, goals, and provides long-term value? If you’re ever on the fence about the right way to oversee IT, vCIO provides proactive direction to sustain profit. Make educated decisions about budgets, existing systems, potentially new integrations, and overall IT infrastructure and strategy with a little help from your designated vCIO.

For more information regarding our Professional IT Management Services, contact Bright Edge Solutions today!

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