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IT Vendor Management Solutions in Columbus, Ohio

Information Technology Vendor Management Solutions – that’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? What it really means is that we work on-behalf of vendors to make sure customers are happy – and vice versa. Bright Edge Solutions is the one that organizes the entirety of your technology expenses, provides price/service comparisons, manages customer/vendor relationships and minimizes wasteful spending by eliminating redundant technical services.

Complete IT Management: We Make It Simple

Picture this: a world in which you can hook up your phones and Internet without ever having to sit on hold, listening to those jazzy elevator jams for an hour. That utopia can become a reality with Bright Edge Solutions. We provide Internet services, phone services, bundled packages and pretty much anything else you get from a major service provider, all without the hassle. You give us your address, we get the details, send you the top options available for the best prices and you make the final call. Our team makes changing providers easy. We make moving offices simple.

Vendor/Client Relationships: There to See It Through

Having a new copier, fax machine, phone system or other piece of in-office communication technology installed? Once it is purchased, Bright Edge is there to schedule interactive demos, coordinate the actual install and ensure proper set-up.

Go Local & Ditch the Call Centers!

When you create a vendor management partnership with Bright Edge Solutions, you’re getting a personalized take on IT solutions. We’re not a large operation – but in that fact exists our strength. Our team has the expertise and capabilities to handle just about any issue you throw our way. However, we’re not too big, so you’ll never feel like just a case number. In fact, when you contact us for assistance, you will most likely get the exact same technician each time. The goal of Bright Edge Solutions is to grow with each client and the only way we can truly do that is if we have your best interest at heart.

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